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This is what I think would have happened after the end of Clint Barton Should Not Be a Child Right Now 

Aw, Phil, you’re usually quicker on the uptake than this. 8)


This is what I think would have happened after the end of Clint Barton Should Not Be a Child Right Now

Aw, Phil, you’re usually quicker on the uptake than this. 8)

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Prompts for Pie 20: Thor and Natasha Meet the Roombas

“Stark finds new ways to make our lives a living hell every day.”

Thor laughed. “I think it has little enough to do with our presence,” he pointed out, his eyes twinkling. “And more to do with his own lack of foresight.”

Natasha crossed her arms as she considered the mechanical mob of robot vacuum cleaners that were swarming all over the floor. “More brains than sense,” she agreed. “Where did these all COME from?”

“I apologize,” Jarvis said, bringing both Natasha and Thor’s heads up. The Roombas seemed to pause for a moment before returning to bouncing off one another, the walls, the furniture, and everything else in sight like Jarvis was playing air hockey with them. Natasha doubted the AI would bother, but it was an amusing thought. “They have… Finished cleaning the workshop, it would appear.”

“And have moved on to other battlegrounds?” Thor asked.

“The are difficult to corral effectively. My apologies.”

Natasha’s eyebrows arched. “That is a lot of Roomba for the workshop,” she said.

“Sir sometimes underestimates the impact of his experiments on his living space,” Jarvis said, his voice droll.

“Often. Often underestimates,” Natasha corrected.

Read more …

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I spent some very enjoyable time, today, looking at fanart inspired by @scifigrl47’s fanfic. Several people have already illustrated the scene in Ordinary Workplace Hazards where Clint is wearing a crown, but the crown I imagined was quite different from all of them, so I thought I’d draw it for whoever might be interested. Thanks, Sci, for all the excellent fic! Thanks, artists and podficcers who have added to my enjoyment of Sci’s stories!

Clint has the best fashion sense. 8)


I spent some very enjoyable time, today, looking at fanart inspired by @scifigrl47’s fanfic. Several people have already illustrated the scene in Ordinary Workplace Hazards where Clint is wearing a crown, but the crown I imagined was quite different from all of them, so I thought I’d draw it for whoever might be interested. Thanks, Sci, for all the excellent fic! Thanks, artists and podficcers who have added to my enjoyment of Sci’s stories!

Clint has the best fashion sense. 8)

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anne-the-kindred-spirit asked: I don't really read the Avengers, but I picked up a couple of the Mighty Avengers the other day, because I saw 'Cap' on the front and I wanted to read something that wasn't a Rick Remender train crash. BUT IT'S NOT CAP it's like US Agent (?) and just... Who is he? I have not come across him before. He has wings on his helmet and a spangly outfit but it isn't Steve and I am confused.

Ooooooooh dear.

You have met John Walker.  I’m sorry about that.

John Walker is like the evil negaverse version of Steve.  See, there was this time period where Steve was in trouble with the gov’ment (it was the Red Skull’s fault, of course), and they were like, “AWAY WITH YOU, KNAVE (leave the shield)” and Steve, being an upstanding and patriotic citizen went to live in a hobo van down by the river and become Nomad.

((edit: I stand corrected!

eyesinthewoodreplied to yourpost:
Actually that is when he became “The Captain”. Nomad was earlier.

I forgot about the Captain, because that plotline was boring, I keep putting Nomad in there, because, well NOMAD.  I just like the idea of him living in a van down by the river in this costume.  It’s so hilariously bad, but not right.  Thanks for the correction!))

He wore this:


So he might have been stripping, no idea.

Anyway, the government looked around and was like, “Well, what can we do here, we need a Captain America.  Hey, here’s a guy who was thinking of going into pro wrestling after being given super powers by a shadowy figure.  Sounds perfect!”

John brought with him the “Bold Urban Commandos,” yes, that’s right, the BUCies.  Yeah.  That was a thing.  Later they became Battlestar, Right-Winger and Left-Winger.  I’m not kidding you.  Two human beings chose the names “Right-Winger” and “Left-Winger.”

As super heroes.

ANYWAY, John Walker is an ass.  I live to see him punched in the face, and get that wish granted regularly.

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lilybet03 asked: Have you heard about the new female Thor? What do you think? A smart move by a forward thinking company, or a desperate scramble to have a woman in their 'big three' now that Wonder Woman is finally making it to the big screen (sorta)?

I’ve been thinking about this since the announcement came out.

Here’s my feelings on the matter: I hope that this will open Marvel up to more interesting story telling possibilities and introduce a new audience to comics and the characters involved.  I hope that we’ll see Donald Blake giving the new Thor advice and encouragement and struggling to a new life and a new purpose.  I hope we see Sam Wilson using everything that makes him awesome as Falcon to appeal to people who still, on some level, distrust Captain America as a symbol of an increasingly fragmented America. 

What I fear is that it’s a cheap ratings/publicity ploy, and that as soon as the hype dies down, everything will go back to the status quo and they’ll return their focus to their cis, het, white male characters.  Because others have taken up the shield before.  Others have pulled on Spider-Man’s mask.  Others have filled the shoes of established characters.

Captain Marvel is one of the few that has ‘stuck,’ and she spent YEARS under other names before the company allowed her to take up the mantle of a character who had been dead for some time, and who really was not that big of a name before that.  Does ANYONE really think that Thor will be a woman from now on?

Or like Superior Spider-Man, are they just going for a ratings grab for a few months, and then they’ll hit the reset button when people have stopped caring, because it’s another ratings boost when Peter comes back?  It’s another EVENT that gets the book mentioned and talked about?  It’s very savvy marketing.  But it’s also manipulative.

I was more excited for Ms. Marvel than this new version of Thor, and still am.  Because Kamala took an abandoned mantle and name, and it’s a B-tier name.  Marvel’s not going to put Carol back there, it’s not a ‘wow, let’s let this girl have a go!’  It’s a new hero, and she has a right to the name.

Sam deserves better than this, and so does this new Thor.

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jujutherubberduckie asked: Do you have a list of favorite fanfic writers? Or favorite fics?

I get this question a lot. And man, this is going to sound stupid.

I had a person that I talked to a lot, that I kind of sort of considered a friend, do a rec list and, well, I wasn’t on it.  And while I intellectually understand that people have different tastes, and by all means, no one is required to like anything I do, I was really surprised by how much that stung.

Like.  A lot.  Because I am a pansy. 8)

I find I’m wary of doing the same thing to someone else.  I’ve had a lot of people send me their links, and I try my best to read everything, but sometimes, I’m just overwhelmed.

So I try not to do recs, for the most part.  I do reblog posts for fic updates I love if I catch them on my dash, and I’ll rec professional, published things, but I try to avoid rec lists, of fics or people.  I’m sorry if this less than helpful. 8)

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prettypoffyprincess asked: What's your opinion on Natasha Stark from 3490?

I’m honestly not sure!

For those of you not in the comics, there was a sequence where Reed Richards went poking through alternate universes/timelines and one of the ones featured was one where Tony was a woman named Natasha.

She and Steve got married to head off what in the 616 verse became Civil War.  She got married in the armor, leading to many hilarious “WTF, THAT’S A GOOD SHOP!” reaction here on Tumblr. 8)

On one hand, I think that they were trying to acknowledge the relationship between the two characters, and how that would develop in different timelines.

However, because Marvel chose to focus on that, there is a certain amount of “if they were different genders, they WOULD TOTALLY BE BANGING!” which A. devalues actual non-sexual friendships, and B. feels a little bit, to me, like queer baiting.   “Hahahahaha, oh, if only, if only, but THEY’RE NOT.  BECAUSE THAT WOULD BE GAY.”

Don’t kid yourself, Marvel and its writers know that this ship exists. It’s been one of the most long standing ones in comics fandom, partially because they ARE such strong personalities that swing from “THANK GOD YOU’RE MY FRIEND” to “HOW COULD YOU BETRAY ME LIKE THIS?” with very, very little space in between.

The relationship, as presented by Marvel, is very, very dysfunctional.  I have about six or seven comics where “their friendship will never be the same again!” And that’s fine.  People change.  Relationships change.  You fall away from friends, or fall in love with someone slowly, or sexual attraction burns out.

But when you actually read the backstories of most characters, it’s a soap opera.  Most writers are so desperate to make their mark that they do these giant, SWEEPING plots which the next writer immediately wipes out because it just went too far.  

Fandom fights a lot about how badly other characters treat their favorite, or how badly fandom treats their favorite, but here’s the reality: Marvel treats their characters badly.  Yes, fandom is not the greatest sometimes, but Marvel’s the one who makes money off of this, and they like pulling this nonsense.  It comes from the idea that conflict (especially between friends or family) is more interesting than cooperation, a concept I find to be very boring.

Right now, Tony is the preferred whipping boy, and I’m avoiding his comics like the plague until Marvel gets it out of their system and lets things go back to the status quo.  In the meantime, remember! The writers of ‘less mainstream’ titles often get away with much more interesting writing, art, storytelling and progressive attitudes.  The company is more likely to let them do what they want.  Support your b-listers, guys, that’s where the fun is happening.

Storm, Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, She-Hulk, Ultimate Spider-Man, Iron Patriot, Hawkeye, Secret Avengers are all doing fun, interesting things right now, and are well worth checking into.  Spider-Man 2099 just got rebooted. 


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Hey guys.  I’m opening emergency commissions!! 

My Memaw passed away on Thursday.  It was something we all knew that was going to happen but I don’t think any of us were ready for yet.  So if you met me at SDCC and I seemed a little tired or out of it, this was probably why.  

I’m opening commissions to try and make it to the funeral. Its on Wednesday this upcoming week.  And last minute flight tickets are hella expensive. 

Commission info here!!! 

Signal boost if you can!  

Thanks for your time and help.  I might be a little slow to responding to things on this site.  Love you guys. 

Hey, guys?  If you have a couple of bucks, consider commissioning Kara.  Everyone should be able to be with their family at a time like this.

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jabberwockypie asked: Oh god. Oh god. How about within the bounds of Avengers Tower we just declare Father's Day "That Day Which is Not A Holiday And Shall Not Be Acknowledged For Any Reason, Seriously It's Just Another Day." (And if some people spend more time in the gym or shooting things or in their lab than is healthy, maybe just for today we overlook that.) Maybe a supervillain will attack, thereby doing everyone a favor and letting people vent. But How weird/cute could DJ's first Father's Day be, though?

I think that the issue is that even when people have a bad/abusive relationship with a parent, that does not negate the need for approval/love that many people still have.  So a person can acknowledge, can intellectually be aware that they had a parent who was bad, who failed them, who made bad choices.

But that does not mean that they don’t still love that person.  

It’s not to say that they SHOULD, or that they should feel bad or guilty if they do not.  Every person has the right to protect themselves, and rid themselves of toxic and damaging relationships. There is societal pressure to assume that children/parents always love each other, I actually addressed that a bit with Frigga and Clint.  That pressure can be horrible, but it isn’t always the reason why people cling to childhood memories or unpleasant/damaging relationships.  Sometimes, we still love people who do not deserve that love.

Sometimes, even the anger, resentment, pain and/or hatred that remain from a bad relationship needs to be addressed.  Those relationships, for better or worse, had a hand in shaping a person and their emotional attachments. 8)

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kayquimi asked: DJ's concern about whether he has any of Steve in him in his latest chapter (and before) makes me wonder if he's been exposed to the concept of nature vs. nurture, and if so, what he made of the idea...

There are a lot of human concepts that are difficult for DJ to come to terms with.  He can understand them on an intellectual level, but they are not things he can fully absorb.  He still gets code and DNA tangled up a bit, and even though even as a bot he was a learning system, and a learning intelligence, Tony created him.

DJ isn’t really sure where Tony’s influence stops, and how much of himself is really his.

Where “Stories Told With Silence” was about Tony coming to terms with what parenting meant, this one has a lot to do with the other influences in DJ’s life.  A big part of that is him coming to terms with his relationship with Steve.

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pixieknight10805 asked: Hey, I was wondering - how do you develop such distinct voices and maintain them? I worry that all my characters sound the same; how do you decide what kind of things each of them will say or do (or joke! everything in your fics is so natural)? Thanks! you're awesome! also, your latest fic is filling me with anxiety (Are Dummy and Tony fighting?!)

A. The only advice I can give for picking up dialogue is to stop talking.  Or start talking. 8)

Every person has a natural cadence, and that can change, based on the circumstances and person that he or she is addressing.  You likely speak differently with your friends than you do with, say, an older relative.  You speak differently to a teacher or boss than you do to someone you’re romantically interested in.  You may change the words you use, the tone, how your accent presents itself.  Listen to your friends, to your family, to coworkers or fellow students.  Listen to how they form words, form sentences.  

Listen to people, and if you’re trying to write an established character, try to listen/read them as often as possible.  Find words that stick in your head as ‘their’ words, then as yourself why you think that.  Why are these the words you associate with them?  

Alternately, your ear is trained.  People forget this.  Your ear is trained to find flaws that your eyes and your mind aren’t.  Read things out loud.  Don’t just reread them.  Read them out loud.  If it isn’t right, you’re more likely to pick up on it that way.  Flaws in dialogue, especially, are obvious to the ear.  You KNOW how someone sounds, even if it’s a character you’ve never heard speak.

I am frequently found wandering through stores, doing my shopping, talking to myself as I try to figure out how something should sound.  Many phrases I’m most proud of, or that people have picked out as their favorites, are the result of a lot of verbal rewriting, as I try to find the rhythm of the language.

B. DJ is now a teenager, of sorts.  Where he previously was a fairly strong willed child, he has become a VERY STUBBORN, VERY INTELLIGENT young man.  He does have a lot of Tony in him, and they are going to fight a lot, because their temperaments are similar.

We already know that he’s been fiddling with Furbro, but a lot of his focus is on projects that fall somewhere between engineering and art, as he tries to bridge the gap between his two forms, his two worlds.  He and his father are going to bicker about this.  

DJ’s growing up.  Tony’s not entirely certain how to handle this. 8)

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Oh, cripes.  Nothing better than moving my fic backup over and realizing that there is SO MUCH in here that is just bad.  Fragmented or bad.