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Avengers Fic: Rescue Missions and Mistaken Identities, Pt. 7

Phil kept his eyes tightly closed, and tried not to feel the unfamiliar weight of this place pressing down on him.

He could feel his eyes burning, and he didn’t know why, because he absolutely was not going to cry. He was not. Going. To. Cry.

And when that ended up being a lie, too, he scrubbed at his cheeks with the heels of his hands until his cheeks were burning, but dry. Then he took a deep breath, and got out of bed. He was tired, exhausted, so exhausted that he felt sick, but he couldn’t sleep. No matter how long he lay there, how much he tried, every time he thought he might be falling asleep, he’d end up bolt upright, his heart pounding, something like a sob or a scream caught in his throat.

In the bathroom, he washed his face, and ran a glass of water. He took his time drinking it, his feet cold on the bathroom tile. He ignored it, anything to avoid going back to bed. The too big, too strange bed that definitely was not his.

Instead of returning to it, he picked his way across the carpet, making his way in the dim reflected light that spilled from the bathroom. He wished that there were windows, or any way to relieve the sensation of being trapped. He paused, considering the door. He glanced around, and immediately felt stupid. Still, he was breathing a little too hard, a little too fast, as he reached for the doorknob.

There was a soft beep, and Phil’s fingers jerked away from the door.

"I am sorry to startle you, Philip, but you are not supposed to leave this room without supervision."

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TS14 webcomic


Hey, hey Guys, guess who’s starting a webcomic?? ME!!

 TS14 is about a young black woman who wakes up with no memores but is being blamed for murder.  Follow her and Detective Wu as they figure out who she is and if she did commit these crimes. 

its going to update every wednesday and if you want more updates or want to support the comic follow it on tumblr and check out my Patreon! 

I’m so excited about this! Spread the word! <3 <3



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nightowlv asked: Regarding the "(fill in female character) is a bitch" mentality: have you gotten many negative comments about Natasha and/or Pepper? If so, have they greatly outnumbered any negative comments concerning the male characters? Because, honestly, the men can be total asses, yet it seems as if that is somehow more acceptable, or likeable (or maybe just in-character?). I don't get it.

I tend not to put up with people dissing my female characters. There are too few of them.  The OCs that I’ve created have really never gotten much by way of disdain or negativity.  Perhaps because they’re male, perhaps because they don’t get overly familiar with, nor are they a threat to, the main characters.

Darcy is a lightning rod for it.  I’m rather getting sick of it.  I like the sassy minx, and so do all of the other characters in my stories.

I really should go back to the “Clint Babysits Darcy In New Mexico” story, because that was SUCH FUN.  They stole a car.  Then had to sleep in it to avoid getting caught. 8)

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mir-rcha replied to your post: Avengers Fic: Phil Coulson Knows Tony …

OMG. This Darcy seems like a bitch and not in a good way. I’m so sorry for Harris. And Steve bringing the nameplate was actually brilliant. The whole thing with choosing his own side made me nearly purr with content

Okay, I’m calling you on this.

What, exactly, makes Darcy a ‘bitch?’  And ‘not in a good way?’

Darcy is an untrained, non-powered, tough young woman tossed into a situation that she has no desire to be in, that really, she is supremely unqualified to be in.  She is frustrated, she is out of her depth, and she knows she’s the least qualified person at this table, and she is liked for the qualities that allow her to keep going despite all of this.

She has friends, who she teases, and who tease her back.  If Harris told her to stop, she would stop.  He is in control of his life, and if he has a problem with the situation, he would say, “cut it out,” and she would.  She is teasing him, and he is amused by this.

But she was worried about her friend.  She went looking for her friend.  And took advantage of a situation that was to her advantage.  She’s not a planner here, she’s not depending on psychology and tactics and internal knowledge the way that Tony and Steve both are.  She doesn’t outsmart anyone, or out fight them.

She takes advantage of a situation that presents itself to her.  And then she takes credit for it without shame, because heck, yes.

She did it.  And she’s proud of herself for doing it.

And I am perpetually surprised when my male OCs skate by with far less believable talents and skills, and the one female canon character (WHO HACKED SHIELD’S FIREWALL IN THE COMIC ADAPTATIONS) is the one who gets singled out for abuse.  But I guess I shouldn’t be.

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Commissions are open again!

(these prices are for 1-2 characters anything more will be extra)

sketches- $25

sketch w/ background - $35

colored - $45

colored w/ background - $65

Comic Commissions!

base price $50 - email me and we can figure out how much depending on what you want and how many pages :)

(I’ll do fanart and OC’s … and pretty much everything lol but if you ask for something I’m not comfortable drawing please understand I have the right to turn you away <3)


As of right now I can only take Paypal!  Sorry!


If you’re interested shoot me an email at dr.kara101@gmail.com and we’ll go from there! I’ll start on it after I get paid, and in the order they come in.  If you need it quickly (like if its a last minute gift for a birthday or something please let me know and I can work with you! ^__^)

Thank you!  

If you have gotten a commission from me and want to leave a review feel free to do so here! 

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prettypoffyprincess asked: Why don't you add any of the other people from the MCU?

I’ve actually…  Included the majority of characters from the MCU?  Many charges can be leveled against my work, but isolating the main ‘couple’ is not one of them.  

Partial listing of MCU characters (other than the six Avengers and four core SHIELD agents) that have appeared in my stories:

Pepper Potts, James Rhodes, Justin Hammer, Jane Foster, Darcy Lewis, Frigga, The Warriors Three, Sif, Betty Ross, General Ross, Obadiah Stane.

Listing of other Marvel characters that have popped up that are not officially part of the MCU:

Spider-Man, Gambit, Kitty Pyde, Logan, Reed Richards, Jennifer Walters, Carol Danvers, Jessica Drew, Miles Morales, Anya Corazon, Jan Van Dyne, Stephen Strange, Agatha Harkness, Amora and Lorelei.

Wanda Maximoff, Sam Wilson, and Sharon Carter have all appeared in my fics before they officially reached the big screen.  I have no interest, at this point, in dealing with any of the other defeated villains from the MCU, and Bucky is difficult for me to get a hold on, in terms of characterization and how he’d fit into the world I’ve created.

And no one is clamoring for more Odin.  No one.

To be blunt, I write who I want to write, who will fit in well with the story I’m trying to tell.  I have a couple of favorites that have just had no place to fit in, not yet.  They might later.  Or I might just stop writing MCU fic entirely and move to something else.  At this point, this cast of characters works for me.  I want more women, more POC, more young people than the MCU has as of yet given me.  I like my OCs, I like the world I’m trying to craft.

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plotbunnyfarm asked: So now that you;ve finished "Super Villain Name," when is the rest of that going to appear on AO3? Tumblr is kind of a pain to catch up on when you're checking it every other week...

Ah, in a day or so?  I appreciate that it’s an easier format for some people to read and download from, but I do like there to be a little bit of a break before I’m forced to go through and try to re-edit for AO3.

I get this question a lot, and if AO3 is where you’d like to read, it will be there.  You just have to wait for it.  More than an hour, I’m afraid.

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Avengers Fic: Phil Coulson Knows Tony Stark’s Super Villain Name, pt. 5

((The fifth and final chapter of the paint ball battle. 8) ))

The one occupant of Tony Stark’s Super Secret Speakeasy didn’t even look up as Phil slipped through the door. “Hello, sir,” Harris said from behind the bar. There was a sign around his neck that said, ‘I am a hostage please don’t shoot me.’ “Drink?”

“Are you tending bar? Really?” Phil asked, ambling across the room. “Hello, Tony.”

There was no reply, and Harris’ eyes flicked towards the ceiling, a half-hearted roll of his eyes. “I got bored with standing around and being a hostage, so I figured I could make myself useful,” Harris said. “He knows you’re in here, Tony.”

“You are the worst minion ever,” Tony told Harris, stepping out from behind the kitchen door. His suit jacket was gone, his tie loose, and he had a crystal tumbler of something that looked like scotch in his hand. He appeared to be unarmed, but a paint-ball pistol lay, gleaming and silver, on top of the bar. “I see your suit survived, Agent.”

“This is my backup suit,” Phil said. “Bruce killed me.” He took a seat at the bar with a sigh. “Or re-killed me. That’s two for six, for the team.”

“Really?” Tony leaned back against the bar. One dark eyebrow arched as he took a sip of the liquor. “I have trouble imagining that Clint and Romanov haven’t-”

“Not during this particular exercise,” Phil said. He considered the bar. “Tom Collins?”

“A fine choice,” Harris said, reaching for a bottle of gin.

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