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Original Character Posts

I’ve received a lot of questions about my OCs, Drew, Shawn, and Harris.  Below, you can find a listing some of those questions.

Anonymous asked:I would like to see a genderswapped/sex pollen/de-aging/mindswap/sudden-transformation-into-animal casefile with regards to Shawn, Drew, Darcy and Harris - ESPECIALLY Harris. Just sayin’.

Can we please stop trying to break the minions?  Please?

This is why we can’t have nice things.  Not that the minions are nice things.  The minions are generally…  Look, Harris doesn’t have a lot of friends, please don’t break the ones he’s got.  8)

Anonymous asked:What are Shawn and Drew majoring in? What year/how old are they?

They are both Comp Sci majors.  They are both Juniors.  Shawn is a couple of months younger than Drew, making him 19 to Drew’s current 20.

Anonymous asked:How many different languages can Shawn speak exactly? And can he read and write all of them?

Shawn speaks Polish, Urdu, Sindhi, and English with fluency, because he grew up with all of them, and has extended family without much English fluency.  As a child, he would hang around his parents’ labs, talking to the graduate students from all over the world and picking up bits and pieces of a dozen or so other languages.  He can fumble his way through with a couple of others, but Coulson didn’t notice him because of his language skills.

He’s tricksy, Shawn is. 8)

Anonymous asked:I have an embarrassing admission. See, I am _terrible_ with names. Really bad. And I cannot keep Drew and Shawn appropriately matched (not straight lol) in my head. I know what each looks like and their personalities and their back stories. But I can’t remember which one is Drew and which one is Shawn. Advice please?

Shawn in the ‘straight man’ in this relationship.  Tall, glasses, a bit of Roman nose on him.  He’s half-Pakistani, half-Polish, so he’s got black hair, brown eyes and a dark complexion.  He’s quiet, intelligent, and friendly.  He loves music and swimming, and he looks really good in a bathing suit and doesn’t know it.  He’s a bit shy, a bit soft spoken and a bit steady, all good ‘s’ words. 8)

Drew is shorter, built on very small, trim lines.  He’s a fashion plate, and he dyes his hair.  When we met him, it was a very unnatural orange.  What color it is under that is none of your damn business, thank you.  He has a mouth on him, sharp and somewhat lacking in tact, and he would be in a committed relationship with his phone if it was legal.  He’s from Oklahoma, and he tans easily, and if it were up to him, he would never, ever wear shoes again.  He’s gay and he doesn’t particularly care who knows it or what you think about it.  He’s a crack shot and a surprisingly good runner, considering his size.  He’s a bit dopey, a bit droll, and a bit of a diva, all good D words. 8)

micklechen asked:1. What are Shawn’s parents’ thoughts on Drew? 2. What are Drew’s thoughts on babies? :]

Drew had a bad fight with his parents, and locked himself in his room, refusing to respond to anyone who called him or knocked on the door.  His RA folded to pressure and made sure he was all right, but there wasn’t much else he could do.

It takes about four hours to drive from Ithaca and New York City.  Shawn’s parents stood outside Drew’s closed door and talked to the panel for forty-five minutes before he let them in, probably just so they would stop talking. By morning, he’d agreed to return to classes.

Their house no longer has a spare bedroom.  If they have visitors, they call Drew to make sure he’s okay with people staying in his room. Drew says they’re nuts.  But he calls them a couple of times a month. You know.  Just because.

He is fine with babies.  When he’s older. 8)

Just finished reading Shawn coming out and now I’m dying here thinking about the first time he took Drew home to met his parents…

It’s so cute that you think he brought Drew home to meet his parents.

His parents had to take matters into their own hands.  Technically, it wasn’t a kidnapping.  Technically.

There’s a fine line.

What is Harris’ ring tone for Tony (referenced in “Extracurricular Activities”)?

"You’re So Vain" by Carly Simon

If Toasterverse is a movie, who would you cast for Harrison, Drew and Shawn?

It changes from time to time, but right now…

Shawn: Ali Zafar

Drew: Sterling Knight

Harrison: Will Bowes  

Headcanons and Concepts

How Shawn and Drew Started Dating

Happy Coming Out Day!

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