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HeadCanons of the Toasterverse


-Why Tony and Clint Joke About “Standard Torture Resistance Training”

-Why Phil Bops Clint on the Head 

-Thor and Trivial Pursuit

-Why Dummy Hates the Fabrication Units (It’s Their Fault)

-Natasha and Pictures

-Clint Barton and the Air Vents

-Natasha and Star Wars/Phil and Howl’s Moving Castle

-Why Thor Loves Limos

-Why Bruce Fiddles With His Clothes in the Toasterverse

-Coulson and the Roombas

-Thor and the Subways

-Tony Stark and Food

-The Avengers and Movie Night

-Natasha and the Things She Clings To

-Phil and Clint’s Living Arrangements

-Avengers and Puppies

-Clint Barton and Reed Richards

-How Steve Met Bucky

-Why Natasha Braids Thor’s Hair

-Steve and Tony and New York City