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this month hasn’t been going very well so I kinda need money and that’s why I’m opening commissions again.

so if you’re interested 

  • type #1: 28$ for full color and one character
    + 1 character + 8$
    (15$ for only line-art on #1 and 22$ for flat color)
    no extra for simle background
  • type #2 10$
    color palette meme (choose here and here)
    bust or half body only
    + 5$ for every extra character
  • type #3 chibi 10$ full color
    + 5$ for each extra character
    + 3$ for simple background
  • type #4:
    22$ full color
    lineart only 15$
    + 8$ for every extra character

I will draw pretty much everything except NSFW stuff, furry, realistic stuff and animals. I also get to refuse a commission if I feel like I can’t do it well enough.
If there is anything you’d like that isn’t included in the info you can e-mail me and I can see what I can do.

the prices are in US Dollars and payment is via Paypal only
 payment will be expected upfront and if I somehow  can not complete your commission after you have paid for it you will get a full refund.

email me at: zombietonbo@gmail.com and make sure to include:

  • commission type
  • refs (if you think it’s needed)
  • any specific facial expression/pose….etc (what you want it to look like)
  • any extra info if needed

after everything is decided I’ll email you my paypal information for payment and once I get that I’ll start on your commission sketch and send it to you in case you’d like to change anything and if/when approved I’ll start on it and send you regular updates UuU

when done you’ll recive a digital file/files you can use however you want (except for selling)


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Headcanon: out of the two of them, Steve is the one incapable of sitting still. Tony’s the one who gets into flow and absorbed in his work to the point where he’ll be in the same position for 2 days straight. When Steve comes down to the lab, however, he’s in constant motion. Walking around, fiddling with stuff, perching… on… fucking… 

what even is that. What are you doing, Steve. What is that you’re perching on. Get… Get down. That’s probably. Delicate. Or something. Steve. Steve. Steve, no.

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tehnakki reblogged your post supergreak said:If the people who… and added:

one day, we should get a pie at petsi pies in cambridge and then we could split it because I also never make it all the way thrugh a pie on my own but i bet we could make it through a pie together. #friendship

Nakki, I am legit almost crying at now knowing this place exists.  We can bring Kate.  She is small, but wily around baked goods, and then the pie shall be easily defeated!

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spyderqueen asked: So the whole trading of friends at the Aquarium sounds like it has a basis in a real story.... Though that may be because it sounds like something I would have done at that age, not sure.

I had the reputation in my family of ‘wandering off.’

This was a blatant level of revisionist history on the part of my parents.  It was not that I wandered off.  It was that I would remain in a location and everyone else would leave, off to the next thing, unaware that they were now short one child.  Upon discovering they were missing me, they would simply retrace their steps and locate me, sometimes in exactly the same spot.  

If something interested me, I pretty much was capable of ignoring anything and everything else that happened around me. 8)

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arinrowan asked: Out of curiosity, in Fairytales and Clockwork Hearts, Dummy mentions to Val and Franklin in chapter 2 that Lucy doesn't remember him. That seems to come up a couple times. Is that at all significant, or just a turn of phrase?

It is significant.

As is the song that Rahne is singing while they’re doing the waltz lesson.

This entire story is a series of fairy tale tropes, and DJ is, in his own way, an enchanted prince in topmost room the tallest tower, hidden away.

Which makes Lucy a bit of a knight in shining armor, I think. 8)

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carrottheluvmachine asked: I just discovered Izzy from the Hawkeye and Anklebiter series by copperbadge thanks to your amazing fic of her and DJ. Those two absolutely need to spend more time together and I would love to see what would happen if Tony were the one to take the two of them out for a day. Or maybe Steve? All I know is that those two should be the best of friends and I need more of them in my life.

Tony is not entrusted with the Barton offspring.

Per order of Phil.

Sam, back me up on this.

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Prompts for Pie: Compiled mini-fics

Chapters 13-16 are up on AO3.

For followers here on Tumblr,  you will notice the Avengers/PacRim fusion piece is missing from its published order.  This is still growing, and will be put up as its own file when I’ve done a bit more of it, but right now, it’s barely an intro. 8)

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sarriane asked: do you realize what this means?: you are possibly the only writer in the history of this world who could produce stories for people and get paid *only in pie* for the rest of your days, if you wanted. guinness world record for the most words exchanged for pie. fame and pie-fortune awaiting you. people are willing. fandom is amazing.

I think the fandom would die down at some point and my landlord, while having a serious sweet tooth, would probably demand my rent in something other than delicious baked goods.

Probably.  He’s pretty easily manipulated by sugar.

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inkstainedchocolateeyes asked: I know this is crossing the 'verses, but is the third spellcaster in Dating the Long Way Around the same person that turned Dummy into a kid?

No, they are two different semi-obscure canon Marvel Characters.

Because I own a lot of ‘background character file’ style comics.  Man.  I love those things.

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sorceressassassin asked: So if I mailed you even a PICTURE of a pie I could get a fanfic? Would that count? Or would you prefer real pie?

These prompts were taken to aid someone with a rather urgent need.  While I was grateful that so many people stepped up and helped, it’s taken me more than a month to get through what I promised to do, and I still have two more to finish.

I tend to not deal well with the following:

A. Pressure

B. Deadlines

C. Having to please someone else (though every single prompter was seriously SO SWEET about what I managed to produce, it’s still nerve wracking to think that I had to satisfy a specific request, because I don’t consider myself particularly good at it)

So as you might imagine, this was a bit of a trial for me.  I think I’m better for having done it, and I enjoyed a lot of it, especially writing things I might never have written otherwise, and seeing the real affection that people had for my characters and concepts.  When I said, “you pick,” I did not expect the wide variety of prompts that I got, nor the number that featured side characters, or my own OCs.

So I’m really grateful for everyone who helped out, and the ones who spread the word, and the ones that cheered me on.  That being said, I cannot see me taking prompts again, not for quite some time. 8)

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supergreak asked: If the people who kept jokingly offering you pie actually followed through, what would be the best kind of pie to get?

As amazingly lovely as the idea is, I doubt the nice postal ladies who watch over my PO box would appreciate shipments of pie. 8)

That being said, there is no better pie than pumpkin.  But allowances would be made for key lime, coconut cream, dutch apple, lemon, and the occasional chess pie.

Pie, man.  Pie. 

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ignescent replied to your post: Prompts for Pie 25: Clint Babysits

I know that it’s not why the prompts are called prompts for pie, but every time I see one I think ‘I like these prompts, I should send scifigrl pie’. :).


(sobs while eating a stale cookie)

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thenaughtiest asked: Just out of curiosity, did DJ get the tugging-the-hem-of-his-shirt thing from Bruce? ps. I wish I could give you 3000 more kudos on AO3. Thank you! <3

DJ has a complicated relationship with touch.  In his bot form, he has protocols that block him from most direct contact because he has the potential to really hurt a squishy human type person.  He’s always, even as a bot, snagged clothing as opposed to the person wearing it, with a few exceptions.

Even though DJ does not have Dummy’s programming, elements of it still remain, and he really likes contact, but that contact is almost initiated by the other person.  When he becomes stressed or frustrated, he busies his hands with something he can control and cannot hurt, which is, well, his own clothing.  It’s a tactile thing, and a control thing.

He didn’t get it from Bruce, but he does it for similar sorts of reasons.

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