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khlaylav asked: After reading your page, I have to ask: Why did you get punched in the face for wearing a Star Trek shirt? Crazy Star Wars fan?

I was ten, so was he, I suspect that he was really mad about me winning the jumbo box of crayons (THE GRAND PRIZE) in a school contest a few days previous, but at recess, he started mocking my shirt, I told him to leave me alone, he got frustrated and clocked me in the jaw.

I punched him square in the nose, and blackened both his eyes.  His parents filed a complaint, and the playground monitors pointed out that A. He was picking on me, B. he hit me first, C. he was a nasty little bully and got what was coming to him.

Man, that kid was a dick.

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Me, before writing anything: I’m in the mood to write some porn! Nothing complicated. Dirty, intense sex!

Me after writing about cuddling under blankets: I’m so confused. 

My fault.  All I touch turns to semi-platonic fluff!

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everybody play a game.  come up with a scenerio or headcanon that is about rhodey and has absolutely nothing to do with tony stark or rhodey babysitting tony stark or talking about how much of a pain tony stark is

Rhodey and Pepper have a deal where if they need an emergency date, they can call each other. 

pepper helps rhodey find excellent and non-stereotypically girly presents for lila.

Rhodey likes Panera for lunch when he can get it. He’s partial to bread bowl soups

Rhodey, as Iron Patriot, will dance the Robot when no one is looking, needlessly making the servo noises.

Rhodey grew up in a two-family in dorchester with his mom. She has a really thick boston accent and passed it down. He spent most of college trying to lose it, but when he’s in battle or under a lot of stress it slips out.

Rhodey is also very very good at hide and seek.

In the 90s, Rhodey got a Super Nintendo for christmas and loved playing Super Mario Bros. Now, when he’s Iron Patriot and nobody’s around, he makes the boing noise.

Rhodey and Sam tried on each other’s flight devices once. They agreed never to do that again short of emergencies and tried to forget it, but Natasha has it up on youtube.

After the BBQs and fireworks and parades are done, and most everyone else has gone to bed, Rhodey, Sam, Steve, and Bucky usually end up in some corner of the Avengers Tower with a bottle and some quiet conversation to mark Memorial Day in their own way.

Rhodey, Steve, Sam, Carol, and Bucky get together every November to watch the Army-Air Force football game. Carol, Rhodey, and Sam tease Steve and Bucky about how Air Force tends to dominate the series, while Steve and Bucky point out that the Air Force is younger than they are.

Rhodey secretly likes Manhattan Clam Chowder better than New England Style, and will never admit it because his family will somehow find out and he will never hear the end of it from some damn cousin who really doesn’t care about chowder, he just wants to rag on his big, bad super hero cousin about something, and this could work.  

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januarymarlinquin asked: Hi scifigrl47! One of my fav gen work of all time is your "A Week is Just Seven Days." I noticed that while your AO3 account is mostly dedicated to Avengers, it does have two Sherlock fics on it. May I ask why 7 days isn't on AO3?

I’ve gotten a couple of asks about this recently, so I’m just going to answer it publicly. 8)

I entered the Sherlock fandom at a time when I was incredibly skittish and hadn’t posted anything publicly for about, uh, ten years.  I was not in a very good place, mentally, and I was not prepared for the Sherlock fandom.  I had never really been in a fandom where there is a clearly defined line of demarcation, but Sherlock had one: You were either a shipper, or you were not.  I’d been in fandoms where there were a lot of ships, or a lot of anti-ships, but that got spread out over the fandom, and it wasn’t really a thing.  Sure, people could make it a thing, but it seldom happened.

I wasn’t really sure where I fell, to be honest, I prefer a slow buildup, stories that make a relationship seem natural.  So for “A Week,” I ended it on a note that could be read as the beginning of a relationship, or not.

That was a mistake.

I got it from both camps, and some of the PM I got were vicious, just absolutely HORRID.  Though most people were just like, ‘hey, nice fic,’ there was a small, vocal segment that deeply disapproved of my slash/not slash, depending on their POV, and weren’t shy about telling me so.  Below, please find one of the milder, more amusing ones that takes itself WAY too seriously.

Okay! This is going to be a mixed review. I have to say; this was a well written story and I was very, very happy with it until I got to the last chapter where you descended way too closely into the unholy black hole of slashdom.

I have to admit, there were parts that I really enjoyed like John’s tales to Cooper and Sherlock’s foray to the grocery store, but the ending ruined it just a bit. Not overly, but enough for me to sigh heavily and roll my eyes in abject disappointment as I just skipped to the end.

Perhaps if you had marked it as pre-slash, then it wouldn’t have been such a blow… but then again, I wouldn’t have read it either. Hopefully you have some non-slashly stores in your repertoire, because your writing is brilliant.

So, here’s to next time


The outpouring of viciousness was a bit too much for me to handle, and I started to withdraw from the whole mess.  At the lowest point, when I was trying to decide if this whole “fandom” thing was worth the trouble, I wrote my first Avengers fic, “Some Things Shouldn’t Be A Chore.”

That story is manic because I was horribly depressed, almost to the point of numbness, and I was desperate to find a way out of that frame of mind.  I was actually terrified of posting that story, of going through that whole mess again, of the fandom backlash I was sure was coming.

It never happened.

I’m not sure if it was the fandom, or the readers on AO3, or the fact that Marvel fandom is more spread out and people are more likely to read their ship and just ignore the others that don’t interest them, but that story was like lifting a weight off of my back.

And while I still liked Sherlock, I slowly stopped writing for it.  The more I read, the more I stepped back from the handful of episodes, the less I could find to like.  Moffat kept opening his mouth, and I started to pull away from it.  I no longer have any interest in the show.  I met some great people through the fandom (Hi, O!) but it counts as probably my worst experience in fandom, and I once got punched in the face as a child for wearing a Star Trek shirt.

So I have little interest in revisiting those stories, even for the process of moving them.  I am glad I wrote them, and I’m super glad that people enjoyed them, but I’m not looking forward to another round of “This has not been BRIT PICKED AT ALL” comments. 8)

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One thing I’ve figured out: anyone who complains about a character’s reaction in a crisis situation has never actually been in a crisis situation. 

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theappleppielifestyle asked: Hey how old is DJ, mentally, in 'Fairy Tales and Clockwork Hearts?'

DJ’s physical development has followed his mental development.  Because he can change his physical age and form, the age he takes is the one that feels natural to him, one that fits his current mental state.

He’s roughly sixteen years old during the telling of this story.

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A Gentle Reminder on this National Coming Out Day

If you are a person who does not identify as queer (including, but not limited to, trans, bi, gay, lesbian, asexual or aromantic) you might have a desire to show support and solidarity today! This is a good thing, you want others to feel supported and make sure they know you are on their side!

Do not come out as an ally. Just. Do not. Your intent might be good, but for many, the decision to come out is potentially life changing, and has a far reaching impact on their personal and public lives. A person might face problems with family, their employment, their living situation, and their social circle for choosing to do this. ‘Coming out’ as an ally is at best belittling and at worst an insult.

If you are an ally, today might be the day for you to show it in other ways. Check in with queer people in your lives, especially if you know they wrestle with the choice to tell others. Listen to them. Support them, and their choices.

Their choices are their own, and only they can determine what is best for them, but there is a huge amount of pressure to ‘come out’ now, and to do it early and loudy. This is not an option for some, and it’s not safe for some. It is not anyone else’s place to judge if and when someone chooses to make that public, and to whom. If you are a friend, if you are an ally, if you are a decent human being, then you should do what you can to support that.

Be kind to people, support your friends and family members who need it, and show that you are an ally. If you are, you shouldn’t need to ‘come out’ as one.

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scottmcdoll asked: Do you ever worry about someone stealing Hulk from your porch?

Well, I live in a pretty quiet neighborhood and have an enclosed porch. So he’s not just hanging out on the steps. You can see him clearly through the windows, but someone would actually have to open the door and come inside to get him. Honestly, I could see a kid maybe doing that, but I guess my thought is that it’s no more likely than any other halloween decoration being stolen, and really? If they want it that bad, he’s probably in better hands than mine. I just use him to torment the fuzzy cat. 8)

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galvanizedmobster asked: Besides Avengers, would you write for any other fandom?

If I get deep enough into the fandom to feel the need, sure. At this point, however, I haven’t found anything that A. I love enough to dedicate my (rather limited) free time to, and B. doesn’t have a fandom that causes me to back away with my hands up in a placating manner. I am not, by any means, claiming that the Marvel/Avengers fandom is perfect, but it has a solid mass of people who are doing their thing, trying to make the fandom better, and trying to fight for a broader, more inclusive place for all fans, no matter what their favorite title, character or ship.

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spoopyshera asked: How do you think Thor would react to Midgardian plays/playwrights, especially Shakespeare in the Park? (I'm unsure if you did anything about that in your various canons.)

I suspect Thor would be a great lover of the arts, especially live arts. Though the Asgard of the MCU is definitely more technilogically advanced than the one of the 616, there’s enough going on to make me think that they take pride in their traditions. I like to imagine Thor really enjoying live music, live performance, dragging Jane to poetry slams and rap battles and middle school plays where he he just LOVES seeing Midgard culture. Thor: Cultural ambassador is the best idea. I love it so much, and I need to write more Thor being Thor. 8)