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Oh look it’s Tony’s turn to be remendered.

Remendered: (verb) To be written badly, out of character, and so unsympathetically as to cause a massive drop in sales and loss of popularity. Fate of tent pole characters of Marvel Comics, so long as the dumbasses in charge keep letting the man TOUCH THINGS.

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etakyma replied to your post:My Ten Favorite Games

Zork! Hardly anyone remembers Zork. I played what became Zork I before it WAS Zork I. And the game has a fatal flaw that was left in it…


I played them all.  My brother had a HATE on for games with the text controls.  My favorite was when we were trying to control the goat in King’s Quest.

For those who don’t know, there was a time when you typed out your command.  So in this game, you had to get a goat to a bridge, so the goat would attack the troll blocking it.

We knew what we HAD to do, but we had no idea how to do it, which lead to the following conversation:

-Get goat.

-You cannot get goat.

-Pick up goat.

-You can’t pick that up.

-Give goat carrot.

-Goat eats carrot.

So by now my eleven year old brother was getting so angry that he just types:

-Kill goat.

-Kill goat with what?

And he stares at the screen.  He stares at me.  I shrug.  Confused, but willing to give this a try, he types:

-Kill goat with knife.

-That’s not very nice.

I thought my brother was going to throw it through the window.

The instruction it was looking for, you see was -SHOW goat carrot.

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My Ten Favorite Games

I was tagged by Grumpycakes. (shakes fist) Curse you for digging up all these memories!

I played adventure games constantly with my brother growing up. We played them all. Myst. Laura Bow. King’s Quest. Zork. We played the horror ones. The funny ones. The strange ones. The obscure ones. The trip to CompUSA where we bought them was a good half an hour and we had to badger our parents relentlessly. But we would research games religiously, and pool our money and do everything possible to extend those games.

These are some games that remain my favorites:

Read more …

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castiel-hale asked: I will never ever get over Clint threatening Steve and Tony into their first date at the end of For or Five things. It is beautiful. So, so beautiful. <3

Clint is a beautiful, beautiful mess of poor impulse control and smart mouth that gets him punched in the face far too often and I love him. In a way that is probably not quite sane. 8)

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I got this awesome commission from zombietonbo!  Clint flying in on a Roomba. (Because Tony’s army of Roombas and Clint’s love of them, a la scifigrl47, is the thing guaranteed to make me smile every day.)  Soon to become my avatar.  In about 24 hrs.  You have been warned. 

Oh my GOD.  This is the cutest damn thing!  Clint, you are a disaster looking for a place to happen, and you find so many of them.
The roomba is so happy with this job, you know it is. 8)


I got this awesome commission from zombietonbo!  Clint flying in on a Roomba. (Because Tony’s army of Roombas and Clint’s love of them, a la scifigrl47, is the thing guaranteed to make me smile every day.)  Soon to become my avatar.  In about 24 hrs.  You have been warned. 

Oh my GOD.  This is the cutest damn thing!  Clint, you are a disaster looking for a place to happen, and you find so many of them.

The roomba is so happy with this job, you know it is. 8)

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lonelyclosetfangirl asked: I read a fanfic (unfortunately I can't remember which one) where Hank Pym had been diagnosed as bipolar. Do you know if that diagnosis canon? Based on what I've read about Hank Pym (I read comic wikis not comic themselves, they're just not my favorite format.) and the research I've done on Bipolar Disorder as well as my own experiences, if he is canonically bipolar he's one of the best representations of it I've seen in a mainstream media format.

Hank Pym was canonically recognized as bipolar in Avengers AI, which is a fantastic little run for a couple of reasons:

A. I could tolerate Hank Pym for whole chunks of time which had never happened before.

B. Diverse cast, and a pretty neat thread running through the run.

C. Art drawn in a realistic manner!  The ladies are presented in a variety of sizes and shapes and never have to sacrifice their internal organs or human dignity to be awesome, in a variety of ways!

D. DOOMBOT.  No, seriously.  DOOMBOT.  Enjoy a malfunctioning disembodied Doombot head threatening the Jefferson Memorial.  It’s canon.


i do appreciate the writing and the use of the various characters.  And while I agree, it makes sense in retrospect, but I highly doubt that earlier writers of Hank Pym intended to portray him as affected by bi-polar disorder.  So while I think it fits his established canon very well, and Avengers AI deals with it in a FANTASTIC manner, I kind of hate this kind of ‘so the reason for everything is THIS PREVIOUSLY UNDISCLOSED THING.’

Yes, many neurologically atypical people, and people who suffer and survive mental illness go without proper diagnosis for years, even decades, so in that way it is a bit realistic.  But then again, with the ‘soap opera’ level of plot that comics have to deal with, it feels a bit like them trying to handle a lot of problematic things that Hank has done by waving a flag that says “You can’t blame him anymore!”

And wow, we’ve heard that a lot for white guys who do problematic things, haven’t we?  No one else seems to get that little out.  But when problematic things happen to white, straight, male characters, and an author wants to make them sympathetic again, it feels like the ‘mental illness’ card gets played a lot.  Because we can’t be mad at the horrid things that Hank has done, see, he was SICK.

I’m not interested in that.  I’m interested in human beings who make bad choices, who make mistakes, who have to deal with the consequences of these mistakes.  Who deal with their issues, maybe not always deal WELL with their issues, but attempt to deal with them. 

So I think how this shakes out, for me, depends on who gets to write Hank next.  In the hands of a good writer, this could allow him to grow and deal with a lot of things.  He’s popped up in She-Hulk, and I’ve loved the cameo.  However, in the hands of a bad writer, I suspect it could end up being Round 374 of “Hank Pym’s Life is SO HARD Guys!”

Your milage may vary, but consider giving Avengers AI a try, guy, some parts of it was fantastic fun.  Even the parts with Hank Pym!

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My suggested nicknames:

-Sassy Robot Queen

-Lady of Calcifer

-Fanfuckingtastical Fictional Goddess of Writing Things That I Wish Were Actual Books


-Pi. Or 22/7

-Roomba. Just Roomba.

-Great and Powerful Roomba Overlord

-She who so totally could demand pie from her followers and from her position in a bank plan to switch boston to a pie based economy

-General Scarper, the Third

-the Queen of the Toaster Army, or the Toasted Queen for short (and thank you for the nice words!)

-fairy godmother of feels and happiness

-Mistress Roomba!

-EGBOKIP (For my reassurance of, “Everything’s gonna be O.K., I promise”)

-Scipiegrl, Toasterdoodle and Roomba Ruler

-toaster goddess; queen of crackangstfluff



-Queen of Bot Feels

-awesome personified

-The Queen of Flightless Birds

-Heart Slayer (cause your fics slay me with FEEEEEELS)

-Creative Goddess and Writing Inspiration. Also She Who Is Sorry About Her Cat

-Queen of the Roombas!

-Purveyor of Fine Fic. Supreme Overlord. Calcifer’s Mum.


-roomba lady

-Her Grace. An excellent nickname for any occasion.

And perhaps the best one:

-The Beyonce of Stony

Not so much because I think I have ANYTHING in common with Queen Beyonce, but rather, I am amused by the idea of her talking to Steve and Tony. No way she wouldn’t have shown up at one of Tony’s parties eventually and then someone tells her about Tony teaching a race of aliens the “Single Ladies” dance and then Tony has to have someone killed because they just EMBARRASSED HIM IN FRONT OF BEYONCE.

It was probably Clint.

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maplerosekisses asked: Kind of related to the last question, are Tony and Steve out to the media and general public yet? Is that something you plan to write or something that has happened/will happen behind the scenes? And this is mostly for Toasterverse but I'm curious about it for botverse too :)

Yes, to both.

I am walking a fine line here, and I know it.  Honestly, I like to create a safe space, where people have the lives and respect and parity that they deserve to have, at all time, for all people.  

However, I’m well aware that for a large number of people, their lives are not fair.  Society is not fair.  People are not fair.  People deal with a thousand, a million micro aggressions every day, pin-pricks of things that remind them that there is no equality, that life is not fair, and that there are people who consider them ‘less’ for the crime of existing.  For not being ashamed of themselves, for not hiding who they are, what makes them the people that they are.

Reality is ugly.  And unfair.  And it cannot be ignored. To ignore it, to pretend that it doesn’t exist, just contributes to a world where it is OKAY FOR SOCIETY TO DO THAT.

So I tread very lightly, because I am aware that I am on dangerous ground.  Perhaps I worry too much, but there are enough bad messages out there.  I don’t want to be one of them.  There is a specific ‘coming out’ story that’s still in my WIP folder, and I hope that I’ll do it justice soon. 8)

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pensivemaniac asked: Now that Steve and Tony are openly dating, have the protocols for Tony going Supervillain (mentioned in Ordinary Workplace Hazards) changed? Do they have a contingency plan in place for if Steve and Tony break up and Tony snaps and goes villain? Or are they going with what I call the "Coulson Protocols" in my head where they assume Steve will keep him from destroying the world? I know my headcanons but I have a mighty need to know the truth. Love your work, you're amazing.

I think the plan was always for Steve to stand there looking disapproving and basically say, “If you’re going to be mean to people, then we CAN’T BE FRIENDS, Tony Stark!”

The assumption that such kindergarten tactics would work on Tony is probably correct.  Rhodey and Pepper have been doing basically the same goddamn thing for the last couple of decades, and it’s kept him from going off a cliff.

I’m actually more concerned about what they’ll do if Steve goes evil. 8)

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What’s this about? As you might have seen me mention, my friend’s wedding is fast approaching this October. We’ve been friends for fifteen years now, and have never been able to hang out often due to living in different states. To cover all the travel and hotel expenses to go, I’m going to have to save up about $600.

So, I am re-opening my commissions officially, and have added a new quick pencil head sketch option!

Are you running any specials this time around? I am! Any commissions above $25 will get a free $5 pencil head sketch, and commissions above $40 will get a free print from my stock.

What about your Etsy store? If you’d like to buy one of the pre-made sketchcards I still have up there, please do! Every little bit helps, and the cards will remain at their discounted price until my stock is cleared out.

And your Patreon? There are select commissions available as rewards through my Patreon, so check those out too! I will continue to show comic previews there, though previews will take slightly longer while I work on commissions. I am still very much on track for launching the comic for everyone this fall.

How do you accept payment? Paypal is the best and easiest way. Payment for commissions under $40 I have to ask for in full up front, above that 50% up front, and the remaining 50% upon completion of your piece.

Anything else to know? I will not draw sexually explicit content or extreme gore (so basically keep it PG-13ish).

Please, reblog and spread the word! :)

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this month hasn’t been going very well so I kinda need money and that’s why I’m opening commissions again.

so if you’re interested 

  • type #1: 28$ for full color and one character
    + 1 character + 8$
    (15$ for only line-art on #1 and 22$ for flat color)
    no extra for simle background
  • type #2 10$
    color palette meme (choose here and here)
    bust or half body only
    + 5$ for every extra character
  • type #3 chibi 10$ full color
    + 5$ for each extra character
    + 3$ for simple background
  • type #4:
    22$ full color
    lineart only 15$
    + 8$ for every extra character

I will draw pretty much everything except NSFW stuff, furry, realistic stuff and animals. I also get to refuse a commission if I feel like I can’t do it well enough.
If there is anything you’d like that isn’t included in the info you can e-mail me and I can see what I can do.

the prices are in US Dollars and payment is via Paypal only
 payment will be expected upfront and if I somehow  can not complete your commission after you have paid for it you will get a full refund.

email me at: zombietonbo@gmail.com and make sure to include:

  • commission type
  • refs (if you think it’s needed)
  • any specific facial expression/pose….etc (what you want it to look like)
  • any extra info if needed

after everything is decided I’ll email you my paypal information for payment and once I get that I’ll start on your commission sketch and send it to you in case you’d like to change anything and if/when approved I’ll start on it and send you regular updates UuU

when done you’ll recive a digital file/files you can use however you want (except for selling)


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