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General Fic Update!

Sorry for the delay, guys!

Here’s the deal.  I got sick almost two weeks ago.  Just a bad cold, nothing really problematic, but I have kind of messed up lungs.  Whenever I get a cold, it settles in my lungs and then I cough.  I cough a lot.

You know that line from “A Christmas Carol?”  ”Poor Tiny Tim, his lungs aren’t right.”  YEEEEAH.  I have sympathy for ol’ Tim.  Really.

I’ve always been like this, and I’m used to it, but it’s exhausting.  Basically, between exhaustion, lack of sleep, and constant, unrelenting coughing, I’ve had very little energy.  I’m behind on everything, and I’m aware of it.

I am sorry, and now that I’m feeling better, I hope that I’ll be picking up and starting over again.  Thanks for your patience, and your support. 8)

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  1. inky-petrel said: Take as long as you need to get better! *hugs* Look after yourself :)
  2. shrewreadings said: Is your immune / pulmonary system accepting tribute of fic to help it improve its performance? And if so, have you got a flavor to request?
  3. aleegrrl said: Thank you for all the amazing writing you do!
  4. april-rainer said: Feel better soon! Happy thoughts from this side of the planet. <3
  5. deformed-globule said: just had that nasty cough myself :( IT SUCKS. Definitely take your time getting better x
  6. ariesreverie said: are you okay now? i’m so glad you are getting better! btw Phil Coulson’s mom is awesome~
  7. old-chatterhand said: Take your time and your meds to get better. I know fucked up lungs and it’s no joy. If you need anything, put a note on tumblr and like the creepy people we are, you will have it in five colours and 23 varieties the next day ;)
  8. windychaw said: get well soon! ;o
  9. garina said: I feel your pain. I have been dealing with this stupid cough for weeks, and been trying to sleep sitting up for the same amount of time. Look after yourself - you’re more important than our obsessive need for updates ;).
  10. bold-sartorial-statement said: Take care. It can be worth it to see a doctor. I have asthma that’s triggered by colds, and every banal cold turns into bronchitis if I don’t take my meds.
  11. que-divertido said: :( chest colds/coughs are the devil! Glad you’re on the mend!
  12. theysabet said: Gnaargh; lung gunk always makes me feel like I’m trying to breath through runny concrete. Hope you feel better soon! Might try drinking some mint tea; it won’t cure anything, but it’ll help clear your lungs a bit and hydrate you.
  13. irisaya said: I feel you :/ every time I get even a minor cold it sinks straight into my lungs and takes weeks and weeks to leave. Just concentrate on feeling better!
  14. brasslizard said: Sorry to hear that you’ve not been well. Hope you’re doing better! (don’t push yourself too hard - relax and let yourself heal!)
  15. gritsinmisery said: When my daughter was younger and her asthma wasn’t controlled, I’d panic at the start of each of her colds because I feared they would do that, and many of them did, despite everything I poked down her to stave it off. I feel for you. Rest.
  16. obsessionisaperfume said: Just get better, first of all. I know that kind of cough you’re talking about, and making sure it doesn’t get worse is the most important thing. Sending healing thoughts to you, and hoping you have the Really Good cough syrup…
  17. bethylated-spirits said: *hugs* Glad you’re feeling better! Don’t apologize for the sickies!
  18. liara-shadowsong said: Hope you continue to feel better. As much as I like reading your work, your health obviously needs to stay at top of the priorities list! (And I hope you can get some more rest as the coughing gets better… being both ill and exhausted sucks.)
  19. wishforwishes said: aw, sorry you’ve been sick. Don’t worry, we’re happy with anything you throw at us! It doesn’t matter when it happens. Love you :)
  20. noxelementalist said: Oh so with you- every winter it’s like a dagger to the lungs. I’m so glad that you chose rest over fanficing- wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. Get/stay better!
  21. jadesymb said: Feel better! :)
  22. angryavengerbees said: Your health comes first! Glad you’re feeling better!
  23. roninsea said: Health is always the right priority. Take good care of yourself!
  24. ninjatwins said: I’ve had a chronic sinus infection for a decade now. I totally understand. You do what it takes to get better when it happens. =)