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I like women to be ladies, and there are certain things ladies don’t do. Ladies don’t dress like two bit whores, ladies dont smoke cigarettes, and ladies don’t drink alcohol and get drunk.

Ladies should be ladies, not sailors.

Hi. I’m Aisha.image

I’m a fucking Sailor and a fucking lady.


As a United States Sailor one of my jobs is to protect the rights of fuckwit American civilians like yourself, by killing terrorists and other people America considers a threat to their power.

I smoke. I drink. Sometimes I get a little tipsy. Luckily, there’s always a few Marines to walk me back to my barracks to ensure I don’t hurt myself…since I’m always sporting heels in my civilian clothes.


Sometimes, when I want to engage in the twenty-first century practice of being a free woman who is free to be as sexually active or inactive as she damn well pleases without the care of judgement of people who are NOT cutting her check, paying her bills, or otherwise contributing positivity to her life in any fashion, I dress like an erstwhile “two-bit whore”. Though, I must say, my sexual prowess cannot be bought…and even if it could, I assure you, you could not afford it.


So, OP, I hope you feel as dumb as your post sounds when I tell you it is possible to be a lady AND a Sailor and still be as flawless an individual.


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