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I am reading Captain America fight zombies in an “All-Winners!” feature from 1941.

Because comics.

Also it’s fun to remember that at one point in Cap’s canon history, his identity was secret FROM HIS OWN SUPERIORS.  He gets bitched out by his commanding officer for making a laughingstock of the army and letting the undead burn down a ship.

Then they are assigned to polish boots as a punishment for being slackers and letting Captain America and Bucky do their jobs.

The comic ends, and I am not making this up, with the two of them mocking Hitler over the phone.  I am pretty sure that Bucky either blows a raspberry or farts into the phone, it’s impossible to tell, but Hitler seems to find this to be rather untoward behavior.

Also, Steve delivers the line, “I’m not Hedy La Marr, you blood-mad lunatic!” so that’s…  That’s something right there.

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