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Just to clarify, I spend the majority of my life alone with absolutely no problem, and in fact, I’m usually much happier when I don’t have to work at human contact.  Despite this, I’m kind of dreading spending my birthday alone tomorrow.  My family is in other parts of the region, and it’s supposed to snow badly around here, so I don’t really want to be on the road, or have my friends out on the road, and I have to work in the morning anyway.


Stupid snow.  I just wanted to go to the movies, is that so much to ask?

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  1. kitsune-scribe said: I’ve been there. Sugar helps. Happy Birthday. :)
  2. alyjack80 said: Happy almost birthday! And it’s totally ok to be bummed.
  3. gritsinmisery said: Happy Birthday and believe me, if I could spend it with you (or even just chauffeur you to and from the movies) I would.
  4. april-rainer said: I have so much sympathy for this! I was in pretty much the same boat on my birthday this year (ie, the day before yesterday). I something absolutely wonderful happens to you tomorrow since you can’t make plans. Happy Birthday!
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    I understand the shit weather problem to an extent (we had a hurricane warning during christmas) and I’m sorry it’s...
  6. bethylated-spirits said: Happy birthday for tomorrow!!! The key to alone-berfdays (i’ve had a few) is to do something ridiculously self-indulgent (tuff when it’s gross outside i know) like eat frosting out of the can while marathoning cartoons.
  7. sellahdor said: Millions of hugs! I hope you still get to have a fantastic birthday! I think having or joining a live stream is a great idea for cheering up when you can’t physically be with the ones you love.
  8. vengerturtle-moved said: hugs hugs <3333
  9. 3fiddymore said: i know those feels, bro. literally! my birthday is tomorrow, too, and we’re supposed to get freezing rain :/ i was always jealous of those kids with summer birthdays! jerks
  10. old-chatterhand said: maybe you could long-distance-parallel-watch things with your friends? I took part in birthday celebrations via skype and it was cool (until they placed a magnetic toy on the laptop to show me…) anyway, hugs from far away :)
  11. psychosisbyosmosis said: Happy early birthday. And it’s understandable. snow fucked up everybody’s plans
  12. saranoh said: First, happy early birthday. Second, sorry you’ll be alone. At least in person. I’m positive a birthday chat room could be arranged. Not the same, I understand. But still.
  13. odense said: Aww, don’t feel bad about wanting some company on your own birthday! I’m sorry your folks are all away. Happy early birthday, though! Hurrah!
  14. aylathebunny said: Wish I could do something about the alone thing. Alas we live far apart, which I think is also part of the problem with a lot of us who want to do the same thing! I know it wont help really, but we’ll be there in spirit. *mental hugs*
  15. rockymthorrorshow said: I know that feel bro. :/ Solo birthday buddies?
  16. ashinan said: Where is my teleportation device
  17. clanwilliam said: *hugs* I know what you mean. I may be ancient, but I still miss my Mum when she’s away from her home (in a different country!) at key times.
  18. flightinflame said: Happy birthday for tomorrow! we’re here for you, and I’m sure people will talk to you tomorrow and make you smile
  19. jadesymb said: I want to spend your birthday with you! Happy Birthday! I hope it is happy anyway. You have fans and friends all over who wish they could be there for you. Lots of ***hugs***
  20. copperbadge said: Happy early birthday! Come to livestream with us tomorrow — I’m streaming Hot Fuzz on the /copperbadge channel at 6pm your time. We’ll shower you with birthday wishes and jump in the air while firing two guns at once. :D
  21. shanejayell said: *pats* Skype?
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