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thequeen117 said: What’s are your thoughts on Gary Stues, the male version of Mary Sues? And do you agree that every character has a bit of a Mary Sue/Gary Stue in them?

I think that it’s telling that the female version of the trope is the one that was created first, that the push has always been against the female character, and that the Gary/Maurice Stue isn’t as well known, or is written off as bitter feminists being bitter in a lot of places.

I think that every character I write has been drawn from my own experiences.  From the things I’ve seen, and the way I relate to people.  The way I want to be, the way I want other people to be. 

Oscar Wilde said it best: “Every portrait that is painted with feeling is a portrait of the artist, not of the sitter.”

Every character that is written comes from who I want to be, who I’m afraid to be.  The things I love and hate about myself.  I put everything through that filter, because I don’t have anything else to use.  I can listen to my friends, I can use their experiences and their outlooks and their words and what they tell me about their lives, but in the end?

Every character I write is more about me than it is about the character.  It has to be.

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