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I do not want to lock my stories on AO3 to registered users only.  I know that there are reasons why people may not want to join the site, even though it’s now possible to get an invitation in a matter of a few days, if not immediately.

I don’t want to lock my stories.  What I would like is to keep unregistered/unlogged-in people from commenting.  Because I’ve never had a problem with a registered user.  Even those who don’t like my stories are polite, and offer constructive criticism.  Even if I don’t agree with it, I understand why they left the comment.

But man.  I could do without certain anon commentators some days.

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  1. everbright-mourning said: Hey, the AO3 tumblr was just talking about how they are wrestling with the code RITE NOW. You’ve been heard, pretty cool!
  2. wherewhywhat said: *Is an anon. Loves on you.* I am sorry people are buttheads.
  3. shadowedseas said: I’m sorry the anons are being bitchy… I’d make you baked goods if you didn’t live around 7 hours away from me…
  4. benevolentwanderer said: :( Please don’t lock them!
  5. liara-shadowsong said: Perhaps if you do find it necessary to lock them, you could crosspost to a site where you can lock anon comments without blocking anon reading? Wish that was an AO3 option.
  6. matilda36 said: Please don’t lock your stories. We not users need them
  7. brasslizard said: The ability to block anon comments should be feature of AO3; that is a completely reasonable desire. I am constantly in awe of your ability to put up with asshat annons.
  8. hobbitofthekindlywest said: I’m really sorry that they’re bothering you)= I read all of your stories before I became a member, so I would hope that you don’t lock them, though I can see why you would/=
  9. stark-industries-rd said: Do whatever feels comfortable for you. But could you give us a warning? I would like the chance to get an account so I can keep reading your wonderful stories!
  10. hayatecrawford said: I didn’t even know people can comment without an account. But if you feel the need to do so, just do it; it’s your right to protect your stuff. People who wanna comment can easily get an invitation now days. And BTW, your fics are AWESOME. *2 thumbs*
  11. nozhoven said: If you do lock your stories, could you notify us heathens without an account so we know we have to get one?
  12. realitytimeout said: I’m sorry that you’ve been having a hard time with your inbox lately. Try to ignore the negative anons. There are a lot of people who appreciate your stories and hard work. I’m just one. So thank you (I haven’t said it in a while)
  13. izzyv1o said: You could, hypothetically lock them on AO3, and re-post on Fanfiction.net where you can allow only registered users to comment but everyone can read them.
  14. jadesymb said: Ignore the trolls. You are awesome. **HUGS** Your stories make me SO HAPPY and are SO GOOD. It’s like hot chocolate on a cold and rainy day. Thank you for writing them, thank you for sharing them.
  15. summerpyre said: oh, god. first off, i’m so sorry that people are being both unkind AND unhelpful, that is just ridiculous, i for one think that your fics are wonderful. nyway, i’m unregistered there, and i didn’t understand the whole invite thing so i never bothered
  16. rascalparadyne said: Feel comfortable restricting your work to ppl invested in A03 by having an account. Either folk will register, or read your work elsewhere, or go without. Getting over drive-by griefers is work. Spend that time writing beautiful things instead.
  17. allmyfansquees said: My sympathies - is there any way you could request this as a feature from the committee? It sounds like something a lot of writers would appreciate….
  18. inkedjet said: Sorry you are getting the nastiness, bah. Their problem- kick them out of your box!
  19. daroos said: I will never understand why people leave nasty comments. JUST WALK AWAY FROM IT! :( Sorry you’re getting unpleasantness.
  20. ohgreatblackbunny said: If you lock your stories does that mean registered users have to be invited to view them? Still kinda of new to AO3 so not sure what this would mean…
  21. ladyalisette said: Please don’t lock them, i don’t have an account ;_; but seriously, why are people anon hating your things, your writing his brilliant and perfect and I want to hug you all the time.
  22. tincake said: Hi :) I think it sucks that anyone would be mean about your stuff - it’s all so freaking awesome, the writing and the characterisation and the plots are just so perfect! Arseholes are arseholes but you’re aces :D
  23. outercorner said: :( but why would people even object, tho? there’s really nothing objectionable at all in your stories - you even handle the relationship part so well that people against slash can just skip, like, five lines and read it instead as an epic bromance…
  24. carmy-w said: Oh, man. Yeah, when I was unregistered, at LEAST I put my name in the comment box, and didn’t leave it as ANON. If you can’t own your words, you shouldn’t be commenting in the first place!
  25. cyborgcap said: oh are invites quick now? I’m guessing there’s no way to just turn off anon comments :/ I’m sorry people are such cowardly shits they have to leave hate without even a name drop. *hugs you*