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Do you think Tony would actually commit to marriage or will he always be too guarded to allow that level of trust? Not only for himself but the company and Inventions. Would a prenuptial be involved? What kind of contingency plan would Stark Industries have in place?

Okay, this is just me, and it is just for the stories I’m writing.

I think that the Steve/Tony relationship I’ve set up would end in marriage at some point.  For Steve, that is what happens when you love someone and want to be with them.  That is how things work.  When he was growing up, people simply didn’t live together openly, it wasn’t DONE.  You loved someone, you got married.  Since New York does recognize same sex marriage, I have to assume that in the back of his head it would be there, he wants it.  He wants the acknowledgement.

I don’t think he’d ever push for it, but I think he wants it quite badly on some level.

I suspect that Tony’s parents did not have a particularly happy marriage, for whatever reason.  So Tony’s views on marriage are probably a little different than Steve’s.  Money complicates things, and that is the truth.  I don’t care if a couple is living below the poverty line or are part of the 1%, people fight about money.  People fight about money a lot. 

The hints we’ve gotten about Tony’s childhood (his father’s drinking, the fact that he was sent away to boarding school at a very young age, still having an nanny at 14) makes me think that the Stark household was a bit of a tinderbox and probably contributed to Tony’s skittishness about other people getting too close.

He’s also well aware of his reputation, Steve’s reputation, and just what the press, especially the less savory press, would make of a marriage between them.  I think he’d duck every single conversation about the matter, and Steve, being a man who understands diversionary tactics, would stop making mention of it.

I think that Tony will be the one to propose. I think Steve will be the one to have a prenup written up.  I think they’d fight about that.  I think Steve would win. 

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