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My sister had a bad dream….


My fourteen year old sister had a bad dream tonight, knocked on my door and asked to come in and cuddle. Her being so cute made me agree so once she was settled I offered to read some Avengers fan fiction to her.

We do this a lot and we just finished one story in a series (the roomba series that I posted about before) so we moved on to the second story. The first chapter starts with (*SPOILERS*) Clint and Coulson Roomba hunting.

The entire time they are shamelessly flirting and talking about their sex life/ relationship. It gets pretty raunchy.

So essentially my sister had a nightmare and I read her gay porn….

can you say scared for life?

I am the best sister ever!


Here is the story for those who want to read it!!


I plead innocent to the charge of corrupting a minor.  IT WAS RATED M!  SORRY!

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