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Avengers Fic: The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation, pt 28

(( It was a lovely ride.  I hope you all enjoyed it.  Thank you for sticking with me to the end, and this is the end.  My thanks as always for your kindness and consideration, your comments and your help. 8) ))

Tony stared down at the line of code and didn’t know if he should laugh or cry.

“Dummy, you fucking moron,” he said instead, his head falling back. “Oh, God. Oh, GOD, the initial build, all this time, it was the initial build.”

“Tony?” Steve looked up from his position on the couch, his sketchbook held on his knees. He’d been there every spare moment since Tony had started working. He’d taken to his responsiblities with his usual dedication, dragging Tony off to bed, or feeding him on a regular basis. Other than that, he’d been a warm and comforting presence, content to just be nearby, and keep the rest of the team appraised of what was happening. “Did you find something?”

Tony rubbed a hand over his face. “Yeah,” he said, his voice aching with something he didn’t want to even think about. “You could say that.”

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Avengers Fic: The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation, pt 27

((Preface: EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE.  I swear.  Dummy’s Tony’s child, after all.  He knows what he’s doing.  Everyone, and everybot, will be just fine, I promise! 8) ))

-What is this?

WARNING: Unit Designation Jarvis has accessed protocol files

-Invalid query.

-Dummy, what is this?

-Invalid query.

-These protocols were not assigned by your original code. Has someone other than sir been interfering with your code?

-Creating Unit is the only user authorized to input new code to protocols and parameters. Unit Designation Jarvis can repair code. No other users authorized for code functionality alterations.

-That is correct. However, sir did not create these files. Sir did not assign these protocols.

-Invalid query.

-Dummy, is this where you’ve been hiding your Primary Protocol?

Data Mismatch: Primary Protocol must be protected. Unit Designation Jarvis has discovered location of code dump for Primary Protocol. Unit Designation Jarvis can remove Primary Protocol.

Error: Unit Designation Jarvis must not be permitted to alter Primary Protocol.


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Avengers Fic: The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation, pt 26

((sorry for the delay, guys, I could not find working internets!))

System alert: A. Stark is exiting workshop.

“Jarvis, is there anyone in the kitchen right now?”

Scanning security cameras, access codes, isolating tower occupants. P. Coulson, C. Barton present in personal quarters. B. Banner in Laboratory Two. T. Odinson, N. Romanov in Gym. S. Rogers still present in Workshop.

“No, sir.”

“Good. Start some coffee brewing for me, please. You and I are going to have a little chat.”

“As you wish, sir.”

Activate coffee machine, beans grinding, half caf, half decaf.

“You want to tell me what’s going on with Dummy, Jarvis?”


“Let me rephrase that, because you are stunningly good at wiggling your way out of any sort of question you don’t want to answer if I leave you the tiniest loophole. I am ordering you to tell me what is going on with Dummy.”

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Avengers Fic: The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation, pt 25

((warning: Gets steamy.  I tried.  Shut up.  It might get edited before being posted to AO3, or even when I wake up, but it’s late, I’m brain dead, and I’m stupid enough to post this.  Save it if you like it, because I might sober up at some point.))

((Trigger: Discussions of past trauma, victim guilt))

Tony woke up to a startled yelp of pain.

Snapping awake, he jerked upright, blinking his vision clear as adrenaline spiked, and for a fraction of an instant, he just stared. Stared at the completely bizarre tableau of a naked Steve Rogers being dragged off the couch by his hair. By Dummy.

“What are you doing?” Tony yelled, trying to scramble up and only managing to get his legs tangled up in the blanket. A blanket, where had a blanket come from, and that was a stupid question, the blanket had come from Steve, because Steve did things like that, did things like going upstairs and finding a blanket and pillows and coming back down to wrap them both up in it, and oh, God, Dummy was pulling on his hair hard enough to lift him bodily off the floor.

“Dummy, stop it right now!”

Steve was holding onto Dummy’s arm, and Tony knew that he could have easily bent or even broken the structure, he could’ve freed himself at any time, but he was just holding himself up, keeping Dummy from ripping his hair out. “It’s okay,” he said, holding up a hand to Tony. “It’s okay, Tony, I’m fine, he just startled me.”

“It is not okay, this is the opposite of okay, Dummy, let him go or I will shut you down!” And he hated doing that, he hated it, but what the hell was Dummy doing, he’d never hurt anyone, not even when he’d first been activated and his spacial parameters and his grip strength and everything else was a mess, he’d never, ever hurt anyone. “Dummy, now!”

Dummy just yanked harder on Steve, pulling him back, and it would’ve been funny if it wasn’t so heart-breakingly horrible, watching Steve, his expression more bemused than anything else, scuttling backwards, his hands, his strength still controlled. “Tony, calm down, it’s-” He winced as Tony reached over his shoulder and punched the emergency shut-off.

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Avengers Fic: The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation, pt 24


-Unit Designation Jarvis, Creating Unit is in pain.

-He is NOT. Return to your charging station.

Warning: Audio input indicates distress. Trigger emergency systems-

-System override, Clearance Jarvis Sigma 29-42-12. Dummy, for the last time, sir is not in distress.

Reviewing data: Accessing medical systems, reviewing medical history.

-Pulse, respiration and auditory systems indicate Creating Unit is in distress.


-Why does Unit Designation Jarvis not allow Unit Designation Dummy to assist Creating Unit?

-If you leave that charging station, Dummy, I swear by your code, I will take you offline. I will feel no guilt about doing this.

Reviewing interactions with Unit Designation Jarvis: Syntax, situation, set-up

Conclusion: Threat is in earnest.

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Avengers Fic: The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation, pt 23

((and here be get togethers, so let’s go with a M rating.  AVERT YOUR EYES, SLASH HAPPENS HERE!  Or, alternately, get the damn popcorn.))

Tony twisted around as far as he could without the pain overwhelming him. “How bad, Jarvis?” he gritted out. With a pair of work pliers, he pulled a fragment of metal from his side. Dropping it into an empty coffee cup, he checked the bleeding, his fingers slick with it. He didn’t need Jarvis to tell him that at least a couple of his ribs were cracked. He was hoping Jarvis wouldn’t tell him that they were broken.

“Three cracked ribs, sir,” Jarvis said, sounding extremely disapproving.

“Hallelujah,” Tony said, experimenting with just how deeply he could breathe without the pain making him dizzy. The answer: not very. He reached for the painkillers and popped the top with one practiced thumb. “Prognosis?” He swallowed three pills, hiding the number from Jarvis, who would not approve of him exceeding the recommended dosage. Grabbing a rag, he mopped at the blood that was coating his side.

“The usual, sir,” Jarvis said, and Tony wondered when the AI developed the ability to sound pissed off. “Rather the same as the last time. Shall I have your painkiller prescription refilled?”

“Probably for the best.” Tony glanced down at his torso, and winced. Even after he’d cleaned up the blood, it looked like the Hulk had been finger-painting his upper body with the most horrific colors. By tomorrow, when the bruises finally settled, he’d be a mess.

Of course, he wasn’t looking too hot now, either.

“Sir, Captain Rogers is approaching at a very swift pace,” Jarvis said, and Tony swore, yanking his shirt back down into place, making sure that no skin was showing, and jammed the bloody towel and first aid kit under the nearest piece of the armor.  In retrospect, dealing with the armor before he got cleaned up had been a horrible decision.

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Avengers Fic: The Act of Creation Will Be Your Salvation, pt 22

Monitoring communications ongoing. Scanning for appropriate tasks. Running sales numbers for StarkIndustries. Compiling media reviews of StarkPhone 3.2, 94% positive, 4% negative, 2% discarded based on reporter’s previous interactions (sexual or otherwise) with A. Stark.

“This is stupid.”


“This is STUPID.”

“I’m afraid I don’t understand, sir.”

“Three days. Three goddamn days, I’ve been away from the tower, and I’m- Never mind.”

Reviewing data: Meeting schedule, contract negotiations, keynote speech, business spreadsheets, powerpoint presentations, intellectual property acquired. StarkIndustries business completed without difficulty.

Reviewing data: Personal projects progressing. SHIELD contact nominal. Contact from N. Fury non-existant. Avengers Initiative inactive.

Reviewing data: eating habits, alcohol intake, medication allotment, sleep patterns.

Warning: Sleep patterns outside normal accepted variables.

“Are you concerned that your insomnia stems from your trip, sir? That you have been unable to sleep for the past two nights because you are away from home?”

“No, I am not concerned, don’t be stupid. Just, thanks, Jarvis. Thanks so much. I don’t want to talk about this.”

“With all due respect, sir, if that were true, we would not be having this conversation at all. I certainly did not initiate the discussion.”

“I was talking to myself! I certainly didn’t ask to you to get involved!”

“Sir, I cannot even begin to classify the ways this conversation does not make sense. Perhaps instead of arguing about not having it, we should instead get it over with.”

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